Cross stitch and crochet – the ultimate guide

Embroider with cross stitch on crochet fabric it’s funny. You don’t need to be expert in embroidery, just follow my guide with step by step pictures, hilarious comments and some surprise. I have this post in my drafts since ages and finally I decided to publish it (OMG I’m master of procrastination!). I’m super happy to share “Cross stitch and crochet – the ultimate guide”.

Give me a reason!

Cross stitch is trendy, perfect for easy and minimal projects or more complicated designs. There’re loads of amazing patterns out there, I suggest you to start with the Floral Pochette I designed for We Crochet, digital pattern is free.

Beyond single crochet

Now it’s time to show you my swatches! Among all possible stitches, I think single crochet (US terms) is the best one.

If you want to make a pot cover, mittens, or for exemple a purse, it’s better to work in the round. Here there’re my experiments, I’m looking forward to know wich one is your favorite:

  1. single crochet back loop only (without turning), my favorite one! Cross stitches are lined up, you don’t go crazy to make it and to place the Xes on the fabric.
  2. single crochet in the round, turning every round, nice, but…. working in the round and turning it’s not my slice of cake.
  3. single crochet in the round, I don’t like it! The Xes are not lined up.

If you want to make a pillow case, a scarf or a pot holder, it’s better to work flat. Here there’s my swatch, which one is your favorite?

  1. single crochet with cross stitch on it, inserting the needle under single crochet top loop…. emh I’m not convinced.
  2. single crochet with cross stitch on it, inserting the needle over top loop, the winner!
  3. single crochet back loop only, not my favorite one!

Perfect wrong side is a mith

Some tips for those who’ve never tried cross stitch before.

  • Forget wrong side, it’s not visible, it doesn’t need to be perfect
  • If you still want to try to make a tidy wrong side, embroider the cross stitch in 2 times: doing one half of your stitches in one direction, and then coming back.
  • Make sure all your Xes are identical, crossing over each other the same way. This ensures your stitches look neater.
  • Leave tails on the back side and weave in at the end.
  • If you’re working in the round, insert a piece of cardboard in your project. It makes easier to embroider and avoids the needle to catch the other side of the work.
  • Lay your work on a table, right side facing and embroider pulling the needle trough the fabric.

Thread the needle and start embroider!

It’s time to embroider finally. If you want more defined stitches use 2 strands of the same yarn you used for crocheting.

Following photos show where insert the needle and how make the cross stitches. Start with understanding your fabric, imagine small squares on it, they’ll be your guide to make the Xes. Black marks represent the first half of the stitches and blue ones the coming back. Touch the photo to enlarge.

Thanks for reading my post. I’m looking forward to see your projects.



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